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Project Management

2022 to Date


Nzuri Strategy partners with a client to establish, optimize, and support project management throughout the organization’s diverse sectors, encompassing supply chain operations, digital IT/IS, product research and development, as well as product manufacturing.

Our task encompasses designing and developing the structures to enhance project management effectiveness.

The Brief

Our client tasked us with leading in the reporting and analysis of the ongoing technician program, as well as providing insights into the management and expansion of the program. The deliverables for the program management task include wireframes, technical plans, data visualization, and the creation of monthly dashboards.

The Solution

We have engaged in the meticulous design and development of creative and strategic structures to enhance project management effectiveness. This encompasses a project charter, project plan, and an executive summary deck. We continue creating solutions for the client by managing client relationships and conducting research.

The Result

Our solutions have helped the client to maintain strong communication and transparency with customers, streamline and optimize the management of multiple projects, empower project leaders to efficiently fulfill their roles, and collect valuable insights through benchmarking research and data visualization.

2019 to Date

Project Management & Quality Assurance

Nzuri Strategy currently works with a client on several of its projects to provide project management solutions and business analysis to drive the adoption of the dashboard solutions being developed for for its diverse client portfolio. 

The Brief

Our client tasked us with driving the business analysis of two of its projects. The task encompasses providing insightful project management, quality assurance, business analysis, market research, pricing strategy, and data visualization through dashboards.

The Solution

We have provided various strategic solutions for the clients. Our solutions include developing business objectives and program roadmaps, conducting data analysis and business analysis, conducting expert and internal interviews.

The Result

We have successfuly developed quality assurance and UAT plans, tested dashboard solutions to drive adoption, provided project management services, and managed client relationships. We have successfully completed 6+ projects.

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