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Strategy. Analytics. Consulting. Creative.

Our extensive experience encompasses leading projects that span product design, strategy consulting, and story-based omnichannel marketing outreach.

At Nzuri Strategy, our strength lies in our diverse team of consultants, strategically operating across various time zones. This dynamic team comprises individuals with expertise in MBA, engineering, economics, statistics, entrepreneurship, and design. Together, we tackle industry challenges with a steadfast blend of discipline and passion.

We invite you to join us on a purposeful journey, where success is not merely a destination but serves as a compass navigating the ever-changing terrain of the business landscape.

Our Brand

Founded in 2017, Nzuri Strategy has been at the forefront of providing client-facing leadership to senior executives on projects across Fortune 100 companies, including Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, S&P Global, Incite, and Pentair.

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At Nzuri Strategy, our mission is to be the driving force behind the forward momentum of businesses, guided by a steadfast commitment to solution-focused excellence, unwavering delivery, collaborative partnerships, and a hub of innovative thinking. 


We believe that moving companies forward demands both discipline and heart, qualities deeply embedded in our ethos.

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Our vision is to be the driving force that empowers companies to transcend their limits, navigate change with confidence, and emerge as industry leaders.


At Nzuri Strategy, we are not just consultants; we are architects of success, committed to shaping a future where every business we touch moves forward with resilience and purpose.

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Core Values

Worldly thinking demands perspective. With Nzuri Strategy, you are tapping into a collective of experienced strategists with unique problem-solving experience, across a broad range of top-tier companies.


Nzuri’s approach is a sophisticated and tribal duality, brought to life with proven custom solutions. We are ready for your challenge.

Our Story: A Journey of Brilliance and Beyond

It all began with a spark of brilliance in the heart of problem-solving. Our founder, armed with insatiable curiosity and an unyielding passion for strategy, embarked on a quest to make the world of consulting more insightful and exciting.


In 2017, Nzuri Strategy was born, with a commitment to turning every challenge into a triumph. The first steps laid the framework for successful consulting.

First Clients

In our founding year, we started supporting automotive industry giants, Nissan and Honda, , setting the stage for transformative collaborations.


Over the years, Nzuri Strategy has evolved, each chapter marked by ingenious problem-solving and visionary thinking. More clients have become part of the journey.

The Future

Our journey isn't just about our story; it's about the stories we craft for our clients. As we look into the future, our vision is boundless.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities Statement is a detailed overview of the services and strengths that Nzuri Strategy brings to the table. It highlights our core competencies, industry experience, and the innovative approaches we employ to help our clients achieve their strategic goals. This comprehensive document serves as a powerful tool for prospective clients to understand the full spectrum of our capabilities and the value we deliver.

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