Meet The Team

With Nzuri Strategy, you are tapping into a collective of experienced strategists with unique problem-solving experience, across a broad range of top-tier companies.

Samuel Frank

Samuel’s 19 years of Fortune 500 experience spans Nissan, Infiniti, GM, Jeep, Delta Airlines, and Caterpillar, among others. He serves clients by researching, analyzing, and developing compelling storylines and experiences that pull organizations and people toward reaching their full potential. Samuel achieves this by leveraging his experience in developing story-based business strategy, designing customer experiences, and identifying actionable performance metrics to provide clients with on-the-ground support to exceed their goals.

In addition to his corporate pursuits, Samuel has experience in over 35 countries and provides pro bono strategy consulting to social enterprises spanning microfinance, healthcare, and multi-dimensional poverty alleviation.

Samuel holds Bachelor’’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Purdue University and University of Michigan as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management.

Ruth Barue

Ruth’s higher education in Economics and Statistics provide the foundation for her expertise in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to build strategic storylines that inform action for our partners.

In addition to supporting strategic initiatives in the North American market, Ruth acts as the client lead for initiatives in Kenya. Ruth’s experience includes digital and traditional outreach strategy, building strategic roadmaps and insight focused reporting. Her certification in data visualization plays a key role in providing actionable insights to our partners by presenting data in interactive formats.

Ruth leads automotive insights in East Africa with a strong focus on technology disruption in the automotive arena.

Judy Rang'ondi

Judy is a Strategy Consultant with a special interest in developing new approaches and strategies for various companies in the Automotive Industry. She is responsible for building out strategic storylines for our clients and managing project plans to keep initiatives on track. She also develops and refines business models and reports on actionable insights.

Her degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering equips her with analytical skills that enable her to see patterns, draw conclusions and find solutions that boost our partners’ bottom-line performance.

Ezekiel Makokha

Ezekiel is an adept statistician with over four years of experience in research, data analytics, program monitoring, and performance evaluation pegged on his strong background in Statistics.

Through the lenses of analytic tools, Ezekiel turns huge and unrefined data from client projects into meaningful insights that he can communicate to clients accordingly using well-guided statistical techniques including report summaries and high-level visuals. He also uses the data insights to develop data-driven strategic storylines which are geared towards enhancing the project performance of the clients.

Ezekiel welcomes new challenges, and he is ever willing to learn by trying out new fronts to better his craft in data science and analytics.

Movyll Aenda


Movyll is an Electrical and Telecommunication engineer with a passion for creativity and innovativeness in communications. His in-depth experience in creating visual designs for different clients across different industries has seen him gain expertise in user experience and user interface design, graphic design, and the development of creative content for different customer requirements.


In addition to creating visual designs for Nzuri clients, Movyll actively supports the development of strategic communication solutions through marketing funnel development, customer experience design, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and other tools and strategies for promoting customer engagement and brand visibility.


His engineering degree has enabled him to integrate the engineering method in developing creative solutions.

Irene Kiptoo

Irene Kiptoo is a passionate strategy consultant with a strong educational background in economics and a deep understanding of market dynamics. With a unique blend of analytical thinking and strategic insights, she excels in data analysis, market research, and forecasting.

Driven by a desire to help organizations achieve their goals, Irene thrives on crafting innovative solutions. Her expertise extends to supporting strategic initiatives, managing project plans and building strategic roadmaps where she skillfully leverages her knowledge to develop actionable strategies that optimize resources and enhance operational efficiency.

Her expertise lies in developing actionable strategies that optimize resources, enhance operational efficiency, and propel businesses forward in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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