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Automotive Aftersales Strategy


Advancing Technician Careers

Our client’s training program is designed to prepare automotive technicians for a career as factory-trained technicians at 1,400 dealerships nationwide.

The technicians are equipped with practical knowledge and skills to perform car diagnostics and execute any required repair services. Graduating student technicians are offered opportunities to work at the Nissan dealerships.

The Brief

Our client tasked us with the responsibility of managing the training program's performance reporting and enhancement. The scope of the task included 25+ partner schools and 600 students trained. The client required a comprehensive strategy for the program's growth and analysis of its business impacts.

The Solution

Nzuri developed growth strategies for the program, designed a program roadmap for the client, and provided primary research via surveys to students, partner school instructors and dealers. In addition to driving the growth objectives, Nzuri developed analytics to track the revenue impact of the program-trained technicians.

The Result

The program expanded coverage to a total of 25+ partner schools within the first year of Nzuri Strategy's engagement.

Technicians trained and placed through the program are twice as likely to stay with the brand, and the program is providing a 4:1 return on investment.

2019 to Date

Technician Recruitment

Our client has a technician training program that helps prepare students for a career as a factory-trained technicians to work in dealerships across the country.   The program includes 1,700+ ASE-accredited partner schools and 1,200+ dealerships in the United States.

The Brief

Our client tasked us with leading in the reporting and analysis of the ongoing technician training program as well as providing strategic insights in the management and expansion of the program. Deliverables included wireframes, technical plans, data visualization, and creation of monthly dashboards.

The Solution

Nzuri Strategy has provided strategic development and insights to the technician training program. We have developed monthly reporting systems and launched projects such as the Technician Lite and PIP to expand the reach and impact of the program. We continue providing strategic solutions for the technician programs.

The Result

The team’s support and insights have led to impressive results for the technician training program, including 218 all-time apprentices and 141 all-time full-time hires. Thanks to the team's support, the program achieved a noteworthy financial accomplishment, generating $11.3 million during the 2022 fiscal year.

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